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Gold and Silver bullion investment and the secure storage of precious metals, have long been used as a financial safe-haven, particularly in times of political upheaval, currency debasement, economic uncertainty and as a defence against inflation.

Owning physical gold or silver bullion means taking delivery of the asset, it is not an exchange traded fund (ETF) or part of an electronic portfolio, precious metals are physically in your possession.

ARA Vaults Provides Specialised Secure Storage Solutions For Gold and Silver Bullion

When storing precious metals such as gold and silver bullion, ARA Vaults provides a selection of safe deposit boxes and bullion safes to choose from.   

ARA Vaults provides hi-security storage for gold bullion and valuables in purpose-built bullion vaults, designed and staffed by a team of industry experts in security systems and gold bullion storage. Our new high-tech gold bullion vault is located in Bella Vista, making it a convenient choice for storing gold bullion in the Hills District and Sydney’s Western Suburbs.

The purchase of gold and silver is possible at ARA Vaults secure locations, giving clients an integrated solution when choosing to invest in precious metals. Client purchases of gold and silver are delivered to ARA Vaults and stored in our vaults, until our customers visit the vault and take delivery.

All boxes are Australian made from 6mm steel, feature dual key locks and are rated to 500kg each.

Storing Precious Metals In A Safety Deposit Box

Precious metals such as gold and silver bullion are issued in regulated weights of ingots, bars, coins, rounds, and medallions. The dimensions of these units are known, which means that once you let us know what bullion you wish to buy or deposit, we can recommend the optimum size of safety box for your investment. As the price of gold and silver fluctuates, you may need to make withdrawals or deposits from your safe deposit box at short notice. The convenient location of our vault allows you to do this without losing time in traffic, or money on tolls and parking charges. Other precious metals such as platinum and palladium can also be securely stored in your security deposit box.

Our Bullion Vaults Secure Physical Integrity 

As experts in the design and construction of hi-security storage facilities, we take pride in the high standard of the material from which we have constructed our private bullion vault. Everything – from the walls, ceiling and floors to the blast-resistant guard room and bulletproof glass airlocks – have been designed to further guarantee the safety our clients and the security of your deposits.

Convenient Gold Bullion Storage in Western Sydney

Our private, purpose-built, gold bullion vault is located in Bella Vista and easily accessible from other Sydney Western Suburbs. The price of gold fluctuates, and you may need to deposit or withdraw your bullion at short notice. Traffic, toll charges, and parking fees incurred visiting gold storage companies in Sydney’s CBD can make such transactions awkward, time-consuming, and costly. We are easily reached from Parramatta, Castle Hill, or Kellyville, and you can park outside our facility at no charge. Enquire online or make an appointment to discuss the most convenient gold storage Sydney has for you and your investments.

Secure Storage For Silver In Bella Vista

Our vault provides bulk silver bullion storage and silver coin storage with safety deposit boxes and bullion safes to accommodate the precious metals in which you have invested. As the price of silver rises and falls, you will find it far more convenient to store your investments in our private vault than in the city centre. Getting to us is as easy from Baulkham Hills and Rouse Hill as it is from Harris Park and Blacktown. You won’t need to waste valuable time and money reaching us, giving you more peace of mind to enjoy viewing your silver collection.

Contact Us To Find Out About Our Security Vault Sydney 

We have a hi-security bullion vault into which Sydney residents in the Western and North West suburbs can deposit their gold and silver bullion cost-effectively, quickly and conveniently. Our experienced team are waiting to hear your specific requirements and happy to arrange services such as secure transportation to and from our facility, SMSF inventory lists, and related access reports. Contact us to discuss your secure storage needs in complete confidence.

Protect Your Valuables - Secure Your Investments