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Who has access to my Safe Deposit Box?
No one is able to access your Safe Deposit Box without you. We use a dual-locking system: one lock is for the client key and the other is for the ARA Vault staff member. The box cannot be opened without both present.
Does ARA Vaults charge access fees?
No. We provide our clients with unlimited free access to their Safe Deposit Boxes and do not charge an access fee.
Can I arrange for someone to access my Safe Deposit Box in an emergency?
Only registered people can have access to your Safe Deposit Box. You can obtain a joint license to your Safe Deposit Box with a spouse, child, or another person. Note: Giving someone a key is not enough – they must sign up as a joint holder.
How much does a Safe Deposit Box cost?
The cost of a Safe Deposit Box varies depending on the size of the box being leased. At ARA Vaults, our Safe Deposit Boxes start at $22 per month, including unlimited visits and complimentary insurance (by Lloyd’s of London) up to $10,000 cover. Higher insurance is available to level required. Click here to see the sizes and prices of our Safety Deposit Boxes.
Is there a lock-in contract?
No, you are able to terminate your lease at any time.
Can the Government get access to my Safe Deposit Box?
No. Access will only be granted to a government agency if a warrant is issued by an Australian Court.
When can I access my Safe Deposit Box?
We are open from Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm and Saturday 9:00am to 12:00pm. We are closed on public holidays.
What can I store in a Safe Deposit Box?
ARA Vaults is governed by legislation that forbids the storing of firearms, ammunition, illegal drugs, liquids or organic materials. If you are unsure of the suitability, please ask us.
Are private vaults as safe as the banks?
Yes. The security at ARA Vaults is the most advanced in the industry and surpasses bank security levels. The access protocols used at the facility have been developed to ensure no false entries, by integrating the iris biometric readers, PIN codes, digital photos and high-security electronic key tags. We are one of the only vault storage facilities in Australia that uses the Eyelock Iris Identification software, which is second only to DNA as the most accurate form of biometric authentication.
How much can I store in my Safe Deposit Box?
Please see our size guide for Safe Deposit Boxes. For the safety of our customers and staff, we limit the weight of our small and medium boxes to 15kg. Large and Extra Large boxes are limited to 30kg.
Can I store for my Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) in a Safe Deposit Box?
Yes. Many SMSFs hold assets that require secure storage, such as gold, silver, coins and bank notes. ARA Vaults will take a copy of the trust deed and create an account for the SMSF, nominating the trustees as the account holders.
What if I lose my Safe Deposit Box keys?
If your keys are lost, the box will need to be drilled, locks replaced, and keys reissued at the client’s expense.
What are Safe Deposit Box Key Deposits?
ARA Vaults will issue you with the only two Safe Deposit Box keys. There is a $275 security deposit for the keys which is fully refundable upon the termination of your Safe Deposit Box lease and the return of the keys.
ARA Vaults also issues each registered person who has access to a Safe Deposit Box with an individual security tag, a $25 fully-refundable deposit is also applicable. If you have any further questions, please contact the office.
Is ARA Vaults covered by insurance?
Yes, ARA Vaults offer complimentary insurance (by Lloyd’s of London) up to $10,000 per Safe Deposit Box, with policies available to cover assets above this value.
Is parking available at the Vault?
Yes. ARA Vaults has free parking spaces available directly outside.

For all further enquiries, please contact us. We invite you to take a complimentary tour of our facility, where our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our vault, security measures and safe deposit boxes.